Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm

It's about doing more good

Is sustainability on your mind?

We are about to finalize the first chapter of Generation Y’s story, which we hope you will take part in writing with us. Generation Y started in early spring 2016 with four of us getting together to talk about leadership and stress. The discussion evolved in to action and we have had long work days, a lot of discussions, learnings and direction change and of course ups and downs. We are currently working on our Y-Academy – offering unique leadership courses within three main areas of sustainable leadership  Want to know more?
In Generation Y, we are creating a culture that invites people to voice and use their experiences and a platform where people can bring forward their challenges, concerns, hopes, ideas and dreams. We encourage and support people in trying and learning new things and skills. We are from all around the world and we have come together for several reasons; however, we all share one common passion: The vision of a sustainable world

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The Y-Academy

The Y-Academy is an educational platform fueled by leading scientific research on Leadership
Though this platform we prepare leaders to be sustainable for a better tomorrow

Generation Y

Be passionate, be curious and do good
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Generation Y

Be passionate, be curious
and do good

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